How to Use CorrLinks to E-mail Federal Prisoners for Free

September 18, 2020 United States, California, San Francisco California 13


Inmates confined within the Federal Bureau of Prisons have access to the Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS), a computer system which, among other central functions, allows inmates to email with approved contacts in the community. While the TRULINCS Public Messaging system is fairly straight-forward to operate from the computer kiosks that inmates have access to in their housing units, the same can’t be said for community member contacts, who must use the Corrlinks interface to email incarcerated contacts. In an effort to resolve some of the confusion experienced by prisoners’ families and friends when attempting to email with them, this article presents the central components of the external login interface and, as such, acts as a primer to its usage.

Keywords: corrlinks login, login
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