What is half the contrast?

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What is half the contrast?
Quasi-variance is a measure of data that can be used to estimate potential downside risks for an investment portfolio. Quasi-variance is calculated by measuring the dispersion of all observations that fall below the mean or target value of a set of data. Half of the variance is the mean of the squared deviations of the values that are below the mean.
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The main concerns
The quasi-variance equation can be used to measure downside risk for a portfolio.
Semivariance considers only observations that are below the mean of the data set.
Spreadsheet software can be useful in calculating the semi-variance for your business portfolio.

Understanding quasi-contrast
The semi-contrast formula is
\ start {align} & \ text {Semivariance} = \ frac1n \ times \ sum ^ n_ {r_t<\ text {Average}} (\ text {Average} -r_t) ^ 2 \\ & \ textbf {where:} \ \ & n = \ text {Total number of below average notes} \\ &r_t = \ text {Observed value} \\ & \ text {Average} = \ text {Average or target value of data set} \ end {alignment}

Half the variance =

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